Promoting sustainable community relations over the whole life-cycle of mines

A good relationship between the mining sector and local communities is very important for the socio-economic environment of people.

Both, the initiation of a mine, as well as its closure will have a fundamental impact on the socio-economic environment of people in its vicinity. People (= stakeholders) have a vested and legitimate interest in the sustainable development of their region. If local stakeholders do not, at least, tolerate a mine, its successful operation becomes rather unlikely. Conversely, an unprepared closure of a mine may rob people of their lifelihood. It is, therefore, important that mining companies develop a trustful and sustained relationship with the local communities. Stakeholders have to participate in the relevant decision-finding procedures so that the trust can be build up and maintained. Such positive relationship is commonly dubbed a ‘social license to operate’ and requires ongoing efforts by the mining company to maintain it over the whole life-cycle of a mine.

The EMMC has the capacity to advice in particular junior mining companies on the strategies and processes to achieve such ‘social license to operate’. Contact EMMC to see how we can assist you.