Environmental protection planning

Any activity of the mining sector has a direct impact to the environment both natural and human. The obligation of protecting the environment lies to each mining company that exploits the resource. The company should win the bet of limiting the environmental impact of their mining activities from the early stage of exploration, establishment and operation to the final stage of closure of a site.

Environmental protection planning

Decision makers within a company should also examine and follow the requirements of the complex regulatory framework that affects the mining sector. Directives and regulations associated with natural habitats and wild Flora and Fauna, Water, Wastes, Emissions and baseline reports, major-accident hazards, transportation etc. should be taken under careful consideration at the stage of planning.

The EMMC is a pool of experts with experience in complex decisions relating to the environmental planning. The EMMC aims to facilitate the companies to carry out their environmental planning via guidelines and expertise in order to make sure that mining planning will take all aspects under consideration and principles of reasonable and sustainable exploitation are followed, providing you support and guidance on the following key points:

  • Overview of the legislative framework that is associated with the environmental protection planning
  • Selection of key environmental parameters on the design of an extractive industry
  • Selection of key parameters of environmental improvement of a company (energy reduction, raw materials, water consumption, waste minimization, by-products, end-of-waste status)
  • Plan progress on key environmental parameters
  • Design of wise environmental monitoring plan
  • Establishment of Environmental Management Systems, like ISO 14001.
  • Cost analysis of environmental protection planning
  • Education and training to boost environmental awareness
  • Communication of environmental activities with local communities

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