3D Geological modelling

3D Geological modelling is a technique for creating 3D representations of the underground based on geological and geophysical observations and concepts. It is used for managing and quantifying natural resources, with applications such as groundwater, geothermal and coal exploration.

Our services includes:

  • Policy support
  • Subsurface applications (geothermal, groundwater, mining, …)
  • Reserve estimations of subsurface resources
  • 3D (hydro)geological mapping (geological and hydrogeological layers and faults)
  • Resource (raw materials) mapping
  • Geological data collection and management in the context of the Geosciences Database of Flanders 

The Flemish Knowledge Center of the Subsoil (VLAKO) is a Task Force within VITO that conducts policy-supporting research for the Flemish Government.


3D Modelling

3D geological and hydrogeological models


3D voxel models for raw materials (loam, gravel and sands)


3D Cross-boundary (hydro)geological models (H3O-Roer Valley Graben, H3O-Campine area)


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