EU Mining Mentor Centre

Vision & Objectives


The vision is to build a European consortium/competence centre that can give high quality support on these mine issues.



  • To deliver high quality support on mine issues (as maybe stipulated by EU or related national legislations) including environmental management, water management, material recovery for added-value, and mine closure and site remediation based on competences with a proven track-record of the experts involved.
  • To deliver solutions for mine closure and site remediation which are long term and complex processes. Not only the technical implementation, but also social and health impacts, safety regulations, specific legislative expertise, etc. are needed to deal with in this complex process.
  • The EU Mining Mentor Centre consists of a number of relevant and related experts which will cover the whole spectrum of issues related to mine closure and site remediation.


Consultancy and Technical advice

  • air, water and soil pollution control,
  • waste management,
  • environmental impact assessment,
  • environmental protection planning,
  • remediation technologies and technology assessment/selection
  • reclamation and long-term management of post-industrial areas
  • promoting the EU’s BAT guide on waste management
  • promoting the EU inspection guidance for waste facilities
  • promoting sustainable community relations over the whole life-cycle of mines.

Capacity Building with stakeholders

  • The centre will provide an important capacity building component, as well as specific activities aimed at awareness raising, communication, informing and supporting all actors (local decision makers, professionals, local communities and the private sector) to enhance their way of working.
  • The centre will provide a facility for sharing our knowledge and train local experts so that they will be able to work independently over the years to come.
  • The capacity building approach can involve on-the-job-training.
  • The EMMC’s experts will execute the tasks while simultaneously guiding, consulting and training the local stakeholders.
  • This way of ‘Doing and Training’ will deliver the most cost-efficient results.
  • The iterative process will also allow to adjust rapidly during a task if new data or new findings come along and are likely to be game-changing
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  • Euromines

    Dr. Corina Hebestreit
    Ave de Broqueville 12
    1150 Brussels
    Phone: +32 2 7756356
    Mobile : +32 477 225303

  • Vito

    Dr. Jan Bronders
    Boeretang 200
    2400 Mol
    Phone : +32 1 4336701
    Mobile: +32 474 353742

  • WeFalck

    Dr. W. Eberhard Falck
    1 Rue de Béarn
    92210 Saint-Cloud
    Phone: +33 950250530
    Mobile: +33 674 388818

  • Ecoefficiency

    Dr. Petros Maraboutis
    G.Papandreou 60Α
    Dasos Haidariou
    Athens, 12462
    Phone: +30 210 5325110
    Mobile: +30 693 7202508